Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A List of Stuff I Didn't Actually Google First

How to fight cabin fever

  1. Get outside – Even in the dead of a northern Canadian winter, there are ways of getting out of the house. Go shopping, go to a friend’s house, or go out for dinner.
  2. Get some exercise – Some people like snowboarding or hockey or going to the gym or whatever. I loathe sports personally, but even a brisk walk around the block can make all the difference in the world for me.
  3. Get a better diet – quit eating like a fatty, and you’ll feel like less of a fatty. That’s real science, that.
  4. Get a pet – Or a cactus, if you’re bad at remembering to feed things.
  5. Get off – With a friend or by yourself! No seriously, when was the last time you got off? Pour a steamy hot bath and grab some dirty literature of choice, and go to town on yourself. The five minute pick me up pharmaceutical companies have been trying (and failing) to emulate for decades. ;)
  6. Get some sleep – Assuming you are not like me; when I get all cabin-fevery I tend to sleep a LOT. Some people need more sleep, some less.
  7. Get a hobby – In January, we went to Ikea, and there was fabric on sale for dirt cheap and so we bought a whole bolt (that’s 25 metres, people!!) of colourful stripedy fabric and now I’m on a wild quest to cover all of our furniture in mad stripes. True story.
  8. Get organized – Clean a junk closet or something, and get rid of stuff. It feels good to have even one small part of your life under control, I promise.
  9. Get some light – Natural sunlight is a wonderful thing. I like to bask in the window like a lizard, or see above comments about walking. Failing that, get a sunlight bulb.
  10. Get hydrated – Blah blah blah, drink more water. You know the drill.
  11. Get a clue – Educate yourself about depression, above all know thyself. Call a doctor if things get bad! It is NOT worth a major depressive episode or worse, if you feel you can’t shake this.

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